The Readiness and Necessity of Election of Provincial Governors in Thailand




Provincial Governors, Election, Thailand


Objective: To examine the readiness and necessity of election of Provincial Governors in Thailand.


Theoretical framework: SWOT Analysis based on Public Administration and Decentralization Concept.


Method: Qualitative approach using documentary research on public administration and provincial election. Data was analyzed by content analysis.


Results and discussion: In order to organize the system of public administration at provincial level to be effective and achieve the goals, the following issues should be addressed: (1) more delegation of command and decision-making power; (2) the governor should adapt to the role of strategic administrator; (3) the governor should use Integrated Area Development strategy; (4) the governor’s  work attitudes should be a work culture of all sectors participation; (5) delegate more power in personnel administration; (6) Budget system focus on provincial development budget; (7)review the authority or mission of provincial authoritative organization and governor to avoid overlapping.


Implications of the research: To be use as a guideline in considering of election of provincial governors in Thailand. The advantages and disadvantaged from the findings should be addressed for better decentralization of governmental authority.


Originality/value: This research adds the value to the concept of public administration, decentralization approach and governor’s election.


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