Research on the Optimization of Landscape Design Talent Training Mode Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy
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Rural Revitalization Strategy
Landscape Design Specialty
Talent Training
Higher Vocational Education

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Zhang, J. ., & Gu, L. . (2022). Research on the Optimization of Landscape Design Talent Training Mode Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy. Revista De Gestão Social E Ambiental, 16(2), e02979.


Objective: The rural revitalization strategy is an important strategic task for China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and realize socialist modernization. With the proposal and implementation of the "village revitalization" strategy, there are problems in the talent training model, such as lack of professional theoretical foundation, lack of practical experience, lack of talent support, and shortage of talents. Talents are the key to implementing the strategy of rural revitalization. In the field of landscape design, the existing education model is difficult to effectively train high-quality rural landscape design professionals, and the education model of talent supply is also difficult to meet the needs of rural talents.


Method: This paper adopts the methods of literature research, investigation, case analysis and practical research. By consulting related papers and books on the Internet, this paper collects and sorts out the related information of rural landscape design specialty and talent training mode and analyzes the related theoretical background of the research object.


Results and conclusion: The students are not very clear about the professional goals of landscape architecture, nor do they have a good understanding of rural revitalization strategies. Teachers have a large proportion of traditional teaching and lack practical experience. However, teaching methods are gradually diversified. Teachers need to improve the depth and broad extension of rural landscape design-related knowledge points and re-examine the curriculum and professional training goals and positioning. At the level of curriculum setting, the combination of theoretical and practical courses has been initially realized.


Originality/value: This study elaborates the key points of the rural revitalization strategy, starting from the analysis of the demands of the rural revitalization for the landscape design specialty, discussing the path of training new talent, and providing reference for the higher vocational education to serve the rural revitalization.
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Copyright (c) 2022 Jing Zhang, Li Gu

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